Application Form for Second Hand Shop Membership

Application Form
1.1 Name (Chinese)
1.2 Name (English)
2 Sex Male Female
3 HK I.D. No
4 Date of Birth Year Month Day
5 E-Mail
6 Address
7 Tel
8 Occupation
9 Average Income Below $10,000 $10,000 - $19,000
$20,000 - $29,999 $30,000 - $39,999
Over $40,000
10 Please rank your favourite brands? (1 is the most favourite) CHANEL GUCCI PRADA L.V.
Other (Please Specify)
11 Which brands you have the most?
12 What will you expect our shop will sell? Bags Clothes Watches Ornaments AV
Other (Please Specify)
13 Which areas will you prefer if we set up new branches?
14 How do you know our shop? Magazine (Please specify)
By Friend
Other (Please Specify)
15 Do you have the habit of online purchase? Yes
No (If no, pls. give reasons)
16 Which media you recommend us to advertise our shop? Newspaper (Please specify)
Magazine (Please specify)
Radio (Please specify)
T.V. (Please specify)
Other (Please Specify)
17 Please recommend which areas / services we have to improve?